Become a Young Ambassador

Become a Young Ambassador

Are you a childhood brain tumour survivor looking to make a difference in the world? Or do you know someone who is? Our Young Ambassadors are at the heart of everything we do at Tom’s Trust. Our Young Ambassadors support us through a wide range of activities, from fundraising, to spreading awareness in schools, to helping us make videos and social media posts or sharing their story through the media. Some volunteer their time at our events, help to motivate our donors and funders by telling their story, or even get in touch with important decision makers in government on our behalf. Our Young Ambassadors bring people closer to Tom’s Trust and our cause, demonstrating the vital impact we make on the lives of families facing a brain tumour diagnosis and helping to change the future for them.

Young Ambassadors in Tom's Trust hoodies smiling with Co-Founder Debs

Some of our Newcastle Young Ambassadors

Most of our Young Ambassadors have or are in remission from a brain tumour and have been helped by a Tom’s Trust psychologist. But we welcome all young people who want to be involved with our charity, whatever their motivation for supporting Tom’s Trust. For instance some may have a sibling or a friend with a brain tumour, or they have become passionate about supporting us after coming to one of our events or finding out about what we do through their school.

Tom’s Trust invites you to become a Young Ambassador and embark on an incredible journey of empowerment, growth, and giving back to the community. As a Young Ambassador, you will be part of a unique group of children just like you, coming together to create positive change and supporting other children facing similar challenges.

Girl in superhero capeWhat can you do to help?

  • Your story is powerful and inspiring. By sharing your experiences and triumphs, you can give hope to other children and families dealing with a brain tumour diagnosis. Your words have the potential to uplift and motivate others on their difficult journey. You can do this by sharing your story with our communications team who will work with your family to sensitively tell the media about your brain tumour journey. We can keep media exposure as minimal as you like, whatever you are comfortable with, including sharing through Tom’s Trust’s internal channels like our website and social media.
  • Together, we can spread awareness about childhood brain tumours and the importance of mental health support. By participating in campaigns, and sharing some of our work on your own social media, you can help raise awareness and support our charity.
  • You could talk to your school and classmates about the work we do and encourage your school to choose us as their charity of the year.
  • As a Young Ambassador, you can take part in various fundraising activities, helping to secure vital funds to support the mental health of children and their families during their brain tumour battle. You could help by volunteering at a Tom’s Trust event or by doing your own fundraising. We have lots of fundraising ideas to choose from.
  • You could take part in our Young Ambassadors Group meetups. These are already underway at our service in Newcastle, and we’re in the process of setting these up at our new service at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.
  • Respond to awareness-raising opportunities as they come up. Our communications and fundraising team often need case studies at short notice for applications or website content, or help with short videos or by appearing on Tom’s Trust advertising.
  • Being part of Tom’s Trust’s Young Ambassadors Programme means being part of a caring and understanding community. You will have the opportunity to connect with others who have faced similar challenges and build a strong support network for yourself and others.
Young Ambassadors Mimi and Flint Clarke winning an award for their support of Tom's Trust. Flint is wearing a suit and tie and Mimi is wearing a white dress and they are on a stage with blue lighting in the background.

Young Ambassadors Mimi and Flint Clarke winning an award for their support of Tom’s Trust

How will it help you?

Boosting confidence – As a Young Ambassador, you’ll have the chance to share your story and advocate for a cause you are passionate about, boosting your confidence and empowering you to make a difference. You will also have opportunities to develop and learn new skills (such as public speaking, fundraising, video making or social media promotion). Many of our Young Ambassadors have won awards for their incredible dedication to the charity.

Giving back – Nothing feels as fulfilling as giving back to others in need. By becoming a Young Ambassador, you will experience the joy of making a positive impact on the lives of children and families affected by brain tumours.

Creating lifelong connections – You will be part of a unique and supportive group where you can form lasting friendships with other childhood brain tumour survivors your age who have had similar experiences, and those with the same passion as you. Together, you’ll share your experiences, celebrate victories, and lend a helping hand during challenging times.

Making a meaningful impact – Your involvement as a Young Ambassador will directly contribute to the work of Tom’s Trust, your actions will be instrumental in bringing hope and light to those who need it most.

Join us today

At Tom’s Trust, we support our Young Ambassadors at every step of the way, and, unless otherwise asked, will always communicate with our young people through their parents or guardians, allowing a good relationship to be built with the whole family. Many of our parents go on to be Ambassadors too.

By being a Young Ambassador, you could be part of our unique group of young people at Tom’s Trust who are changing the future. Discover your potential by joining us today,  making a difference in the lives of others while uncovering your own strength and resilience.

If you would like to become a Young Ambassador, or would like to hear more from us first, please email info@tomstrust.org.uk and we will get in touch with you.

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