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Tom’s Trust’s volunteers make a huge difference to what we do as a charity and to the hundreds of children across the UK who we support. Whether you’d like to take part in ad hoc activities and events, or help us regularly, we’re always excited to welcome volunteers into the team.

Why volunteer?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked for a charity before, or whether you’d like to utilise your skills or do something completely different, we appreciate any help our volunteers can give us to keep our services running for our families. All you need is a bit of time, a helpful attitude and the desire to get involved.

The top reasons our volunteers offer their help:

  1. The time you give as a volunteer can make a direct and meaningful difference for families affected by brain tumours.
  2. You can use your current skills or develop new ones. We will support you on your journey and would love to be able to contribute positively to any career aspirations you have.
  3. You will be part of a dedicated and supportive team who are changing the world for the better. You will work with motivated people, learn about our work and get a unique insight into the not-for-profit sector.

What do we need help with? Read on to find out how you can get involved.


Volunteering in our offices or from home

There are many opportunities to become part of the Tom’s Trust team, from both our office in Whittlesford, Cambridge, or from home. We’re flexible with both our employees and volunteers who often do a mix of both home and office working, so whatever you prefer, and whether you can give a few hours of your time every week or fortnight or a few days, we’d love to have you on board. 

Volunteering roles Tom’s Trust is looking for (but please suggest if you have other skills you think could be useful to us!):

  • – IT and digital
  • – Communications and marketing
  • – Fundraising (ongoing and events)
  • – Admin and data-driven tasks
  • – Finance
  • – Volunteering recruitment

We’re currently actively searching for someone to help us with the Tom’s Trust website, especially someone who has skills in using WordPress. If you or someone you know can help, please get in touch by sending an email to



There’s no Tom’s Trust cheer squad too small. For races and other sporting events this could involve being there to help our participants at the start line should they need anything, or giving directions when they first arrive. Our cheer squads will often stand at the side of a race to keep up our runners’ and cyclists’ spirits and keep them motivated at various checkpoints. Or you could be ready at the end to provide our finishers with a warm smile and a drink. We’ll guarantee you’ll have a fun day too and we’ll provide you with ample Tom’s Trust merchandise so you can proudly represent the charity on the day.

If you’ve spotted one of our events that you’d like to volunteer for, then please get in touch.


Fundraise for us

Why not volunteer to help us with fundraising? You could coordinate your own fundraising group in your area, hand out collection tins to local pubs and shops, or even do a regular fundraiser such as bag-packing at your local supermarket or doing bake sales at your children’s school. We have plenty of ideas on our fundraising page.

Bag packing in a supermaret

Raise awareness

You may wish to raise awareness for the work we do, especially around important weeks such as Brain Tumour Awareness Week. We’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to represent us at their school, workplace, hobby group, or local community. We would be able to set you up with ways to raise awareness amongst your network by providing you with information and ideas.

We now have Ambassador and Young Ambassador positions, which we award to those who have gone above and beyond for Tom’s Trust to raise awareness or fundraise.


Case studies

If you have personal experience of childhood brain tumours and feel you could help us by sharing your story with others, then please get in touch. Whether you’re happy to speak to the media or share your story in a written format via Tom’s Trust’s networks, we’re happy to discuss your options with you and give your family guidance. While we cannot do our vital work without the families we help sharing their personal stories, rest assured, your family’s wellbeing is our top priority.

For more information email


Success stories

We have a number of volunteers who have had great experiences with Tom’s Trust. Here is a testimony from our Co-founder, Debs, describing the work of our volunteer, Emma, on the charity’s 31 Stars campaign in December 2020:

Our Digital Campaigns Officer, Lucy Hodgkin, was employed by Tom’s Trust following her fantastic work volunteering for us. Here is a testimony from Lucy:

I started volunteering for Tom’s Trust as a social media content creator just before our now ambassador Ben Blowes’ 31 Stars campaign began in December 2020. I created content for our social media channels telling the stories of 31 amazing children that have been supported by Tom’s Trust. I learned so much that month, and by the end of the month I felt even more passion for the work that Tom’s Trust do. I would encourage anyone thinking about volunteering for a cause they care about to go for it. It is such a valuable use of your time. During my time on the 31 Stars campaign, I developed my skills, made friends and - most importantly - had a part in raising over £200,000 for children with brain tumours and their families. Volunteering feeds your passions and inspires you to insight change. And who knows where it could take you? To find out more or to offer your time to Tom’s Trust, email

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