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Why we do it

Why do these children need support?

Children treated for brain tumours have a great need for mental health support because they almost always experience long term difficulties, and emotional trauma, during and following treatment.

This is due to aggressive treatments and invasive procedures at the site of the tumour, a child’s developing brain. Rehabilitation for these children is often a long and complex journey.

Key Facts 
Every year 1,400 children in the UK are diagnosed with cancer, approximately 500 of these have brain tumours
Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children under 16, claiming one-third of all childhood cancer deaths
Surgically removing the tumour, chemo and radiotherapy often leaves children with enormous emotional, physical, and mental damage, including learning disabilities, drop in IQ scores, anxiety, PTSD, and depression
62% of children have life-altering disabilities following treatment, such as blindness, hearing loss, or loss of motor function
Lasting impact  

There is a common misconception that children treated for brain tumours make a full recovery. In reality, many children do not survive, and those that do are often left with complex long term emotional, mental or physical damage, that changes their lives forever.

Our children are often bullied as their peers do not understand why they look different (scars/ head swelling from procedures), or act differently (treatment damaging cognitive function, leaving children unable to mentally keep-up with friends).

A brain tumour diagnosis is incredibly traumatic, it has a huge impact on the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of a child, leaving them with life-long difficulties.

What we do  

We make a real difference to the lives of children we support. Evidence proves that early intervention with psychological support reduces the likelihood of long-term disabilities (NHS England Neuro-rehabilitation service specification 2014).
By providing mental health support at the point of diagnosis and beyond, we provide the best chance for children to get back to school, resume their lives and go on to achieve their full potential.

We are the only UK Charity focusing solely on providing mental health support for children with brain tumours and their families

You can find out more about our work here.


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